Mystical Membership

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A Mystic is someone who is committed to their own inner path!

Follow Your Own Path

A mystic follows a path that is unique and aligned with her souls journey, knowing there is no right or wrong way only the aligned way for her.

A Thirst For Wisdom

A mystic has a thirst for wisdom and is open to learning, growing and healing. She longs for knowledge that is aligned with her souls journey.

A Sacred Holder of Space

A mystic is a sacred holder of space. She sees, feels and deeply knows the truth. She has a deep longing for authentic connection and conversation.

Welcome Home Mystic!

The Mystical Membership is a sacred space for you to start to unleash and embody your inner mystic.

The journey of the mystic can feel lonely and isolated as you chart out and follow your own path, one that has not been walked before.  This sacred space is to ease that feeling of loneliness and provide a place for you to convene with other mystics who understand your unique and authentic journey

The Three Pillars:

Mystic Haven

A sacred space to commune, connect and converse with other mystics. Share your journey and experiences to feel aligned and connected.

Mystic Moon Circle

A monthly event to celebrate the full moon in all her greatness. To release, heal and grow under her full energetic wisdom and power.

Mystic Masterclasses

Monthly Classes powered under the New Moon energy to support your souls search for knowledge and wisdom.

Who is the Mystical Membership for:

The story of the mystical member:

☪ She is awakening and starting to ask herself and the world around her for something more, what she is experiencing or has experienced feels like there is something missing.

☪ She feels isolated and alone even when she is in a room full of people.

☪ She feels the world she is living in and trying to participate in doesn’t feel real.

☪ She doesn’t feel like she fits in and the people around her don’t seem to understand her.

☪ She craves deep and meaningful conversations but all she gets is small talk that drains her energy.

☪ She has a deep calling and feels connected to the moon, the stars and the universe.

☪ She knows there is more than what her physical eyes are showing her and she is ready to delve deeper.

☪ She has an inkling that what she has been doing to feel better and heal isn’t working and there is a puzzle piece missing.

☪ She craves a place that feels like home, a place she can be 100% herself and feel guided and supported.

The Mystical Member is many things, above all she is unique and ready to 100% embody the Mystic within her and allow her unique and authentic light to shine from within.

What will I experience:

The Mystical Membership experience above all is going to provide you with a sacred place to belong, a place where you will feel seen (maybe for the first time) and feel supported as you navigate your unique souls journey.

Mystic Haven

A sacred space to commune, connect and converse with other mystics. Share your journey and experiences to feel aligned and connected.

The Mystic Haven is a private community on Facebook, a sacred space for you to commune, connect and converse with other Mystics.

This will also be the place where Nicole will host our training events and keep you updated on upcoming events.

Above all it is your space, the more you connect and converse the more support and guidance you will receive both from Nicole and your fellow Mystics.

Private Community
A sacred and safe space to connect with other mystic women just like you. To share your experiences, provide support and feel supported.
Sacred Silent Hour
A weekly event on Zoom, an hour just for you where you can join other Mystics on their own journey. A safe space to co-exist and feel into what you need in the moment.
New Moon Activations
Each month Nicole will guide you on a New Moon activation and empower you to set intentions for your month ahead.

Mystic Moon Circle

A monthly event to celebrate the full moon in all her greatness. To release, heal and grow under her full energetic wisdom and power.

The Mystic Moon Circle is a monthly online sacred healing circle.  Nicole hosts this sacred healing container on Zoom, it is a great opportunity for you to heal, release and grow under the power of the Full Moon.

Nicole will work with each Mystic that joins live, to gently release and heal energy that is no longer serving you with EFT Tapping.

Mystic Moon Circles
A monthly zoom event held under the power of the Full Moon.
EFT Tapping
Nicole holds a sacred and safe place and works with Each Mystic that joins us live to heal and release what is not longer serving you through EFT Tapping.
Spiritual Guidance
Nicole will channel angel guidance for the month and empower you to embody the energies of the Full Moon.

Mystic Masterclasses

Monthly Classes powered under the New Moon energy to support your souls search for knowledge and wisdom.

The Mystic Masterclasses are monthly trainings taught by Nicole.  These masterclasses will be held monthly under the power of the New Moon.

The themes will be different each month but will include topics that will support you on your healing and spiritual journey.


Online Portal

You will have access to our online portal where all of our past, present and future content will be stored.

The online portal is a great platform that houses all of our content, including moon circles, masterclasses, meditations, energy healing and so much more.

This alone provides so much value for you as you embark on uncovering and embodying your inner mystic.


Meet Your Guide:

Nicole is an Energy Practitioner, Qualified Holistic Counsellor, Angel Intuitive and Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner.

Nicole is passionate about supporting highly empathic women and providing a sacred healing space that feels like Heaven on Earth.

Nicole’s Soul purpose is to Nurture and Educate and she provides this through her private mentorship program, mystical membership and masterclasses.

Nicole has been supporting highly empathic women for over six years and feels very blessed to be sharing her souls work with the world.

Nicole experienced the beginning of her spiritual awakening in 2012 and feels blessed to support her clients and students on their spiritual awakening and soul journey.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Mystic Moon Circles are held on Thursday nights at 7pm AEST.  If you are unable to make it live, the replay will be available for you in the Online Portal.

Note: Times may be adjusted to suit time zones of members.

All live events will be recorded and available as a replay in the Online Portal.

The Refund policy is as follows:

Monthly option – there are no refunds but you can cancel at anytime and no further payments will be processed.

Annual option – we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  If you don’t love your time with us, we will provide a full refund.

Absolutely!  The fact you are asking the question and have been guided here, I can confidently say the Mystic within you is ready to be unleashed. 😊

The Mystic Haven is an online private community hosted on Facebook, it is a place for you to connect with Nicole and other Mystics.

It is also the place where Nicole will host the New Moon Activations, the Masterclasses and share any updates relating to the Mystical Membership.

The majority of the content for the Mystical Membership is housed in our Online Portal, so you will still have access to all of the content.

You will miss out on connecting with the other Mystics during the week though, but can connect with them in our Monthly Live Events.

The Mystical Membership is for highly empathic women who are embarking on a spiritual journey.

For the woman who likes to follow her own path and to the beat of her own drum, but would love to feel supported and surrounded by like-minded souls.

For the woman that is looking for a safe place to feel seen, heard and understood as the truest version of her.

The woman whose soul is craving deep conversation and connection.

The woman who is ready and open to learning and soaking up wisdom on her souls journey.

The woman who is looking deeper but might be finding it hard as she embarks on her awakening and spiritual journey.

The fact that you are here tells me you have been guided to this place so the short answer is YOU. 😉


The great thing about the design of the Mystical Membership is it gives you a library of resources and you get to choose what resonates with your soul.

Do what feels good and leave what doesn’t.

The Mystical Membership is designed in such a way that you can use it as much or as little that fits into your lifestyle.

Nicole will be providing about 5 hours of content live each month.

You can consume it in your own time or join her live.  Either way you will have access to the content through the Online Portal.

Nicole would love to hear from you, email her at and she would be more than happy to have a chat with you.

Monthly Membership

$ 44
  • Payment will be automatically renewed every month

Yearly Membership

$ 444
  • Payment will be automatically renewed annually
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