The Mystical Membership is the place to be for Empaths, Sensitive Souls and those women that are dedicated to their spiritual growth and awakening.

 If you have noticed the world around you changing and more importantly the world within you shifting…….

    If you are struggling with your gift as an empath and sensitive soul and would love to learn how to turn it from a curse into the true gift it is…….

 If you believe the life you are living right now, could be so much more and is just the tip of the iceberg…..

  If you are a woman that loves to be surrounded by other Strong and Sensitive Women….

   If you want to learn, grow and embrace your Spiritual Journey without breaking the bank…..

Then you are ready to join the Mystical Membership VIP Community.

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Awakening to your spiritual truth, and your true essence deserves to be honoured!  Giving you the space and opportunity to explore the whispers of your soul and learn what your true expression looks like.

  Connection    Community    Transformation    Understanding   Empowerment 
  Inner Strength Courage  Spiritual Awakening


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As a member you will have access to:

  Monthly live online coaching sessions with Nicole,

 Weekly EFT Sessions,

  Weekly Mystical Message to your inbox


  Early access to Ask Your Angels Episodes,

  Daily oracle guidance,

  Private Facebook group

 Membership Portal for lifetime access to all trainings

  And of course your very own tribe

It will be my honour to support you throughout the year as you discover your true path, awakening your intuition and connecting to your cosmic team.

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