Meditation Bundle

Meditation Bundle

The grounding you meditation is a wonderful alternative to ground your energy no matter where you are, the time of day or night or the weather.  This meditation is a beautiful journey to connect you to mother earth and release any old or negative energy you may have absorbed as a sensitive soul.



As a highly sensitive person it is vital that you take care and nurture your gift of sensitivity.  This meditation bundle is designed to support you in taking care of and nurturing your gift of sensitivity, being a highly sensitive woman comes with its challenges and you deserve to feel supported as you share this amazing gift with those around you.

In this bundle you will receive:

  1. Grounding You Meditation – great way to ground your energy no matter where you are.
  2. Meet Your Anxiety – great experience of getting to know your anxiety and the messages she has for you
  3. Meet Your Higher Self – join your higher self in this meditation, get to know her and receive her divine guidance on your unique path
  4. Calm Your Nervous System – it is imperative as a highly sensitive woman to nurture your nervous system, this meditation will support you.

As you purchase this bundle you will be prompted to immediately download your meditations.

I trust this meditation bundle will serve you well.

xx Nicole