My Pathway to Being a Professional Counsellor

I thought I would share a little about my story, and what started me on my journey to becoming a Professional Counsellor.

2014 was a pinnacle year for myself and my little family…

The year began with me having to cope with the near death of our youngest daughter, and the year finished out with our eldest daughter being diagnosed with Epilepsy.

As a strong woman I just pushed through carrying it all on my shoulders, not reaching out for any help.   

I held strongly and stubbornly, the belief: “I am strong, I don’t need help, and I can handle this on my own”.



It wasn’t until I had a relationship breakdown, loss of my business and our daughters counsellor telling me that it was ok to Grieve the loss I had been feeling.

At the time I thought “grieve, grieve about what”, then I realised there is such a thing as Living Grief.

I needed to grieve for the life I thought I would have, and the life I thought my daughter would have, before her diagnosis with Epilepsy.

With the help of my Counsellor, I started on the journey of healing and finding myself again, and getting to a place of acceptance of my new life and my daughters new life.

I then realised this was my calling, to help others to deal with the harsh realities life serves us sometimes.

So here I am today close to becoming a Registered and Professional Counsellor, and looking forward to being that person, that can support you and be “Your pathway to believing in yourself”.

Nicole Ivens at the beginning of her journey as a Holistic Counsellor

How you can work with me privately:

I offer 1-1 private Holistic Counselling that is provided online from the comfort of your home.  Giving you the space you need to uncover what is causing your emotional turmoil.

As a highly sensitive woman and/or empath it is important for you to feel supported and learn more and understand more about your unique gift.

I am passionate about supporting you to move through empathy burnout and thrive as the deeply empathic woman you are.

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