Review Your Year

Each year carries its own unique energy blueprint.

Just as each year carries its own unique energy blueprint, so do you.  Whilst you will notice some similarities within the year with those around you, there will also be some differences.

The differences come from your own unique blueprint which stems from your astrological birth chart.  Where the planets were placed at the time of your birth onto the Earthly plane.

You don’t need to have your astrological birth chart to review your year, although it can be helpful.  I had mine done many years ago, if this is of interest to you, search astrological birth chart reading on google I am sure you will find plenty of options in your area or online.

As it is not my zone of genius I will leave that to those that are trained and experienced in astrology.

My zone of genius is to empower you to take some time to assess the year that has been, to see and acknowledge the lessons and growth you have experienced.

As we finish out the year over the next few days it’s important to do a review, a review of your year, what worked and what didn’t.

A review of your year allows you to start the new year with a clean slate

Review Your Year

  • Grab yourself a notebook
  • 1st page titled – This year I enjoyed the following:
  • 2nd page titled – This year I learned these lessons:
  • 3rd page titled – Next year I will do this differently:
  • 4th page titled – This year I am grateful for:


This will allow you to gain a deep understanding of your experience of the past year and allow you to release and leave behind the things that no longer serve you, for some of you, this list will include people and that is okay.

Some people are with us for the long haul and others just for a short moment in time, the important part is to differentiate between the two and know when it is time to let go and move on.

This is going to allow you to free up your energy and space for new people to enter your life in the new year ahead.

As an avid journal queen myself I offer you an extra exercise to do:

I look back over my journals for the year and really look and feel deeply into the challenging moments, this helps me to really understand my experiences.  It is so easy to forget our experiences and that is why I am such a big advocate for journaling.

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