When is it time to put the Rose Coloured Glasses Back on?

When is it time to put the Rose Coloured Glasses Back on?

I am sure you have heard the saying “looking at the world through rose coloured glasses”, this is when you are looking or only remembering the good in situations and ignoring the truth and actuality of situations.

I guess another way to look at it, is digging your head in the sand.  But when is it okay to put your rose coloured glasses back on?

Rose coloured glasses

In private client sessions this past week I have noticed my clients starting to talk about how they are starting to experience good memories from times where they had experienced trauma.

As I spoke to them about when you start to heal from trauma and negative experiences it opens up space and capacity for the good times and memories to take their place.  Whilst they have always been there, they are overshadowed by the traumatic experiences.

This really is the power of healing, as you heal and release your traumatic experiences and the emotional charge that is sitting within your energy and physical system you are left with the positive experiences and soul lessons of that time in your life.

Your life will then start to feel like you are seeing the world, especially your personal world in a whole new way, like you are wearing rose coloured glasses.  But not because you need to, to avoid the pain, because this is your new reality.  What life feels like when you start to let go of your pain and really start to experience your true life, the one that is meant for you.

When you are ready to embark on your healing journey, I can help you!

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