Sacred Women's Circle

A Sacred Online Healing Container of Connection and Alignment

As a highly empathic woman herself Nicole (our founder) has personally experienced and witnessed in her clients feelings of isolation and disconnection.

The combination of your sensitive energy and nervous system and the heavy energy of living on Earth can cause you to feel different and experience a lack of belonging.

Nicole hosts a monthly sacred online circle, a combination of Spirituality, Healing & Empowerment.


To feel deep connections that allow you to experience understanding, validation and worthiness.


Spend time with like-minded heart centered women with similar interests and experiences.


A safe sacred space for introspection, expression of your innate truth and deep healing.

A monthly opportunity of devotion, devoting time to yourself and your wellbeing in Mind, Body & Soul.

If you are like many of our clients devoting time to yourself isn’t easy and you may not even know or understand your own needs.  

Giving yourself the benefit of time for introspection and connection allows you to make space for your innate truth and worthiness to surface.

Nicole shares her innate gift as a holder of space and provides dedicated space for each woman to feel heard, seen and understood.

If you are like some of our quiet, introverted and highly empathic clients having their voice heard can be challenging especially in an online space.

You may have experienced trying to speak and others talking over the top of you or your soft voice not been heard.

Whether it was an online coaching group or women’s circle you deserve to feel heard and have space to express yourself.

Nicole ensures that each woman is given the opportunity to express herself, feel held & supported and experience healing.

Why Calm Your Mind Wellness?


Our approach incorporates mind, body and soul. Each part of you working together like a symphony, singing your unique song.


Providing support that opens the door to your inner healing journey. By holding space for you to feel heard, seen and understood.

Safe Zone

All sacred circles are held virtually from the comfort of your very own safe zone. Feeling safe is the first step on any inner healing journey.


Nicole is highly qualified and experienced bringing you a wealth of knowledge and support in mind, body and soul.

How Does It Work?

Nicole hosts an online sacred circle every month around the time of the Full Moon.  The energy of the Full Moon aids in deeper introspection, connection and healing.


Non-religious approach to connecting to your higher power, time to deepen your connection to your angels and spirit guides


An opportunity to work with Nicole and experience energy healing with EFT Tapping on what you are ready to release.


Learning new concepts and strategies to support you on your healing journey and understanding yourself on a deeper level.

The Benefits:

Being a part of a community of like-minded and heart centred women will allow you to experience:

  • Connection with other women who are just like you and experience statements like “Yes me too”.  We know that doesn’t happen very much when are not amongst “your people”.
  • Connection with your higher power, opening up to your cosmic team (angels and spirit guides) and expanding your natural divine gift of intuition
  • Connection to your true self, the parts of you that have been waiting for you to remove the masks and facades that life on earth has caused you to wear.

Being a part of a community of like-minded and heart centred women will allow you to feel:

  • Heard, Seen & Understood
  • Validated & Worthy
  • Uplifted & Fulfilled
  • Held & Supported
  • Empowered & Inspired

All the Details You Need to Get Started:

  1. Click the button below “Book Your Spot” and you will be taken directly to our booking system.
  2. Choose Group Sessions.
  3. Select the monthly circle you wish to attend, fill out your details.
  4. You will then immediately receive an email with your booking confirmation with all the details you need for your spot in our sacred women’s circle.
  5. 1 week prior you will receive a reminder email along with an invoice for your payment.

NOTE: The monthly online sacred women’s circle will only go ahead if we meet the minimum attendance of 4 bookings.

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