It's Time To Reclaim Your Energy!


If your energy is depleted, it is leaking and needs to be plugged...

And I have the charging cord...

That has been helping and empowering deep thinking and feeling women just like you

Yep! It sure would be nice to have infinite energy just like the universe...

Holistic Counselling for Women

But as finite human beings our energy is limited, like a mobile phone…

Have you ever had a low battery on your phone and put it into low power mode?

It turns off the non-essential power hungry drainers.

Allowing the phone to continue to function albeit with less power…

It still works but not at optimum function. 

To reclaim your energy and have the capacity to show up as the caring, sensitive soul you are, you need strategies that build your capacity to thrive.

That is where I come in...

I'm that friend that always has a handy and spare phone charger...

You come to me feeling burnt out, like your get up and go, got up and went…

Your energy is depleted and showing no signs of returning…

I help you feel safe to start the process of unburdening yourself…

With every emotion processed, the charging bar raises a notch…

Holistic Counselling is a powerful and effective way to:

  • Understand yourself on a deeper level.
  • Heal unresolved and unprocessed emotions and events
  • Release heavy burdens
  • Reframe limiting beliefs into beliefs that empower you
  • Learn practical strategies that support your healing and growth
A unique approach for a unique soul...
Your nervous system sets the pace!

The most important aspect of any healing journey is safety! 

Your nervous system needs to feel safe before it will allow you to start your healing process.

Your experience will be validated!

Feeling understood and validated, opens the door for you to understand more about yourself.

Your life then becomes easier, as you move into a state of flow.

Connection is your path to freedom!

Your energy is designed to flow freely through your mind, body and soul.

Unprocessed emotions cause energy blockages that take you out of the natural flow of life.

Results of working with me...

"I wouldn't be the calm and resilient person I am today without you"

Living for 56 years based on the trauma I experienced as a child, I can say I am truly healed. Life will always have its challenges, but now I have a skill set & knowledge to know I can tackle anything.

Donna – Private Online Client

Holistic Counselling allowed me to feel free and calm
Get ready to step into a world you won't need to escape from...

Two powerhouse words that I know will serve you.  Spending time in my world you will feel both validated and empowered.

I will hold a sacred space for you, where you will feel heard, seen, understood and validated.  So much so that you will have no choice but to start to believe and do those things for yourself.

As you feel validated, you will experience empowerment and when you feel empowered you will naturally start to validate yourself.

Self-empowerment in my mind and heart, is the best gift I can give you.  I know when you leave our sessions together, you will have everything you need and more to live a fulfilling life.

Benefits of my Approach...


My approach incorporates mind, body and soul. Each part of you working together like a symphony, singing your unique song.


Providing support that opens the door to your healing journey. By holding space for you to feel heard, seen and understood.

Safe Zone

All sessions are held virtually from the comfort of your very own safe zone. Feeling safe is the first step on any healing journey.


Nicole is highly qualified and experienced and brings you a wealth of knowledge and support in mind, body and soul.

Get Started...

Free EFT Guide

A comprehensive guide to teach you an empowering self-applied healing technique

Sacred Women's Circle

Sacred Women's Circle

A monthly opportunity of devotion, devoting time to yourself and your wellbeing in Mind, Body & Soul.

$22 per circle

Holistic Counselling

Holistic Counselling Sessions held Virtually via a secure online platform from comfort of your home.

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