A Spiritual Myth Keeping you Isolated

Connection is not reserved for the “Highly Spiritual” or “Spiritually Evolved”.


In our world competition with each other is a very common theme, comparing your value or worth to that of another or comparing your strengths and gifts to that of another soul.  Within that it can feel that connecting with the universe, your spirit guides, past loved ones and angels is reserved for those that are more intuitive, or further along on their spiritual awakening.

In today’s channeled message I was guided to help you see that this is just not true, each and every soul is gifted with a way to connect back to the mother ship – if you will.  It is not reserved just for those that you may see as psychics, mediums and intuitives, yes they have worked on and attuned their natural gift but it doesn’t mean you can’t connect in too.

Enjoy this beautiful channeled message I received this morning whilst on my ocean walk.

Spiritual Myth

A channeled message from Archangel Gabriel & our Universal Mother.

“In your world connecting back to source can be challenging, there are so many things distracting you in each and every moment.  For this reason it needs to be a deliberate act, a routine of time out each day to connect back in, like plugging in a cord to get the energy aka electricity to flow through.  It is the same for you, you need to plug back in to the mother ship, so your energy can flow through, flow freely, electricity for you is guidance, guidance flowing freely through your cord.

Just like an electric cord, you don’t second guess that it is going to work, you just plug it in and trust it will work, you just plug it in and trust it will work, electricity will flow through to the device.  You too need to trust, as you connect in, plug in, trust that your electricity – energy and guidance too will just flow to its device unimpeded, the device being you.

This doesn’t mean you can only plug in at that scheduled time, you can do it at any time you need.  But having a planned time, means you won’t go even a day without plugging in and connecting and recharging.

The more you do it the better, but just once a day will allow you to feel more connected, less isolated, less alone and know you are part of something bigger and connected to Mother Earth and Mother God.”


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