It's Time To Get Started

How to get Started with Holistic Counselling:

Reaching out for help can feel overwhelming and daunting, I am proud of you for taking this step and prioritising your wellbeing.

Let me ease some of that overwhelm and make the process to getting started with Holistic Counselling as easy and accessible as possible.

As you read through this page and my website I invite you to introduce some calm into your mind and body.

Using two fingers, tap on the side of your hand where your little finger runs along.  (see image below)

Why am I asking you to do that?

As I mentioned earlier that reaching out for help is not easy and can feel overwhelming and even a little triggering, so I want to start my support of you right now.

Tapping on the side of your hand will send a calming signal to the emotional centre of your brain and helping you to feel calm and at ease in your body.

Nicole is demonstrating tapping on the side of her hand to help you with getting started with Holistic Counselling

The Steps To Getting Started with Holistic Counselling:

Step 1: 

Book Your Free Online Coffee Chat

Step 2:

Check your email inbox for your confirmation email and click on the link to fill our your pre-session questionnaire.  This will help me to understand what you are experiencing before our coffee chat.

Step 3:

Join our online call together at your scheduled time by clicking on the zoom link in your confirmation email.

Step 4:

During our call together I provide a safe space for you to share what you have been experiencing, your reasons for reaching out.

I will then share with you how my signature process works and the support and guidance I will provide for you in our sessions together.

I will also provide you with my recommendation on what package or how many sessions I feel would be appropriate for you and the financial investment.

This is an important time for both you and I to ensure we are a right energetic match for each other, as the therapeutic relationship is the most important part of your healing journey.

Step 5:

You will now have the opportunity to either let me know you would like to work with me and I will get you booked into a regular time slot or you can also take extra time to sit with all we talked about and let me know at a later time if you would like to proceed.

This call is 100% obligation free and there is no pressure for you to book in on the spot, I want you feel comfortable and safe with me.

To learn more about working with me including session fees I invite you to visit my Frequently Asked Questions page.