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Energy of the Week | Ask Your Angels Episode 38



Energy of the week for 20th-26th April 2020

Tune in to your Cosmic Team and Ask Your Angels what do I need?
Pick card 1, 2, 3 or 4.


ask your angels episode 38

Your Guidance Revealed


ask your angels episode 38

Card 1: Dynasty of the Divine Mother

Your guidance starts at 1:10 in the video below.

It is time to tune into your true nature, what is true for you? What is your truth?  What I am being shown is you in a place where you don’t know which way is up, feeling unsure of which way to turn and the angels are guiding when you are unsure of which way to turn always turn inward.

What feels true for you right now, listen to that, trust that feeling and follow that.  There are so many words being flung around the place right now and it can be hard to know what to believe, what to take on and what to ignore.  That is where your inward focus comes in, find your truth within you, because right now and any time really that is where you are going to find the answers for you and you only.

Prayer to dynasty of the divine mother:

Beloved Kuan Yin, Green Tara, Mazu, Goddesses of the Great Divine Mother, please help me to live my light, to live my enlightenment in each day, to know my own Self and to the live the beauty and bliss with peace in my heart.  Thank you for your help. Om Shanti.  I feel your Peace in my heart now.  May all beings feel and know this peace within.  Om Shanti.


Card 2: To the Celestial Mountain

Your guidance starts at 3:10 in the video below.

This card is all about asking for help, turning to the mountain, a bigger power than just you.  When you are feeling overwhelmed by life it is a true sign that you have been relying on yourself, your own innate power only.  Now yes you are an extremely powerful being, that doesn’t mean you have to rely on that power only, there is a bigger power at play, the divine, the universe there at the ready to help you – if you will ask!

A Prayer to the celestial mountain

Beloved Kuan Yin, in the Ashram of your Celestial Mountain, hear me, please help me to let go of my difficulties in receiving help, in any feelings of worthlessness or distrust that prevent me from being guided, moved and placed in positions of divine assistance for my greatest good.  Help me feel worthy of help and help me receive that help which comes to me in unconditional love now.  Thank you! Om Mani Padme Hum.


Card 3: Ten Sisters of Light

Your guidance starts at 6:00 in the video below.

Each of the ten sisters is you, a part of you, a part that has learned lessons throughout the life of your soul, the limitless part of you, the part that has no end.  The angels are guiding for you that there are lessons that you have learned in previous lifetimes, that your soul knows and this wisdom is available to you.  Wisdom that is going to support you in this lifetime here on Earth, like card #2 it is about seeking the assistance, seeking the truth and seeking the wisdom you are needing in this moment and each moment ahead of you.

a prayer to the ten sisters of light

Divine Kuan Yin, Om Namaha, I call upon the Ten Sisters of Light that love me unconditonally, I call upon your grace, protection and assistance now in releasing past life wounds and patterns so that more of my Soul light can manifest in present time.  Please bless this process with your mercy, compassion and grace.  Thank you beloveds.  Om Mani Padme Hum.


Card 4: The Dance Unveiling

Your guidance starts at 10:04 in the video below.

Your layers are ready to be revealed, to be explored and to be healed – are you feeling that?  We are in a magical time where many things are surfacing for healing and it is up to you whether you will take up that challenge, and yes I say challenge because healing isn’t easy, but it is something you are more than capable of achieving as a spiritual being.  Think about the word unveiling, what does that mean to you?  What is showing up for you when you focus on that word and its meaning for you?

If you choose not to take on the challenge, that doesn’t say anything about you, it just says I am not ready right now and that is perfectly fine too.

A prayer for the dance unveiling

Beloved Kuan Yin, I now let go of any fear that would distort my perception and prevent me from beholding the highest levels of truth which I am capable of perceiving.  Help me now, beloved one, with your divine dance of mercy and compassion, that the confusion may clear, any distortion may be released, and the truth be revealed with grace and simplicity.  Unveil the truths with your dance of grace, beloved.  Thank you! Om Mani Padme Hum. 



This week is all about reminding you of the innate power you have within you but also taking it a step further and helping you to understand your personal power is not the only power available to you, call in the power of the spiritual world and the power of the divine to support you. 


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You can also watch my Video to hear more about each card and the guidance I provided ~ click below


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Nicole Ivens | Gold Coast Counsellor



Ask Your Angels Ep24

Energy of the Week | Ask Your Angels Ep24


Energy of the week for 13th – 19th January 2020

Tune in to your Cosmic Team and Ask Your Angels what do I need?
Pick card 1, 2, 3 or 4.


Ask Your Angels Ep24

Your Guidance Revealed

Ask Your Angels Ep24

Card 1: Attraction

Your guidance starts at 2:05 in the video below.

As human beings we sometimes have the tendency to try and control situations, really using our logic mind to make things happen, come up with ideas and solutions to perceived problems.  Which is all good and fine, but the problem with that is it is going to confine you to only what your logic mind can come up with and compared to the Universe and Divine Guidance it is very minuscule.

I don’t know about you but for me I would much rather tap into the expansiveness of the universe and all the amazing things it can provide for me, and this is exactly what the angels are guiding for you this week, asking you to take a step back and align with the energy of what it is you are wanting to create in your life.

For example, this very card flew at me the other day whilst I was working on the set-up for my new “women’s sacred circle” that I am going to be hosting in February, it was the angels way of guiding me that the right women are going to find and attend my event, that there is no need for me to worry and be concerned, that I have set the platform and now I need to allow them to do the rest.

Do you think you could step back, align and see what comes this week?

Card 2: Pleasure

Your guidance starts at 5:50 in the video below.

Your angels are asking you to bring more joy and pleasure into your life, they are also guiding this is something that can be really challenging and I know that probably sounds strange – like of course I know how to enjoy myself.   But when you have been through a really challenging time, experiencing anxiety, high levels of stress and possibly even trauma allowing  yourself to feel joy can be a really big ask.  The reasoning behind that is, one you don’t understand it, it feels weird even wrong and two you may not feel deserving or safe to do so.

The angels are guiding that last part is true for you, not feeling safe to feel joy or happiness and they are guiding and really want you to hear this “YOU ARE SAFE TO FEEL JOY”, “YOU ARE SAFE TO START TO LET GO OF THE PAIN”.  This is a good reminder that we are here to experience joy, experience love and to experience happiness, will there be pain of course, that is part of our human experience but it is not a place we are supposed to remain or become stuck.

Can you do just one thing this week that brings you Joy and that beautiful smile back?

Card 3: Purity

Your guidance starts at 7:50 in the video below.

Well it looks like its time for a clean slate for you, the angels are guiding you have been doing what others want you to do or what you perceive as what others want you to do for way too long.  They are asking you to turn inside, go to that place of safety and calm where all your answers reside, the seat of your soul and start to learn what it is that you truly want for your life.

As you start to let go of expectations of others or those that you have imposed on yourself the truth is going to start to surface and help you to start to see who you truly are, why you are here at this time and really even more important right now and connects back to Card #2 finding Joy and Pleasure again.

If you think about the word Purity, what comes to mind?  For me the words clear, clean and honest and what the angels are showing me as we come to earth we enter with purity and then experiences, societal pressures, comments and opinions from others puts layers on us and we then find it hard to know what our pure spirit is.

Do you think you could take some time this week to turn within and start to find that purity within you?

Card 4: Self-Reflection

Your guidance starts at 9:40 in the video below.

“You are Ready!” That is what the angels are saying, you are ready to look at the shadows and what they mean by that is when you feel triggered by other people, they are showing you what is not healed in you.  We see the reflections of ourselves in others and they see themselves in us, so if you catch yourself judging another instead of looking at it as that is all about them, maybe this week you could take a different perspective and think hmm I wonder why that is triggering me, what is this shining a light on within me?

This is a very powerful place to operate from but also challenging, but you are up for the challenge otherwise you wouldn’t of been pulled towards this card.  I talk a little more about this on the video below where I share about my own personal experience of starting to look deeper and working with my own coach on healing.

Will you take the challenge and look at what is triggering you in others as what needs healing and focus within you?


A great week ahead with plenty of self-reflection, re-alignment, looking at what is true for you and starting to allow yourself to feel love, joy and happiness.


You can also watch my Video to hear more about each card and the guidance I provided ~ click below

I would love to hear how the guidance resonates for you right now, comment right here on the blog.

You can also subscribe to my YouTube Channel here….so you get notified each time I share new content.


Nicole Ivens | Gold Coast Counsellor


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