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Finding Your Soulmate

Searching for your soulmate can feel like a very noble thing to do and after all they are out there waiting for you, right?

Well yes and no, your soulmate is waiting for you on a soul level but they also know there are lessons you came here to learn as did they.  So for some people you may find your soulmate very quickly on this journey and for some of you it may feel like it is taking forever.

The lessons that you need to learn are preparing you to meet up once again with your soulmate, so what do these lessons look like?  Well for some of you it may be like a revolving door of relationships, enduring what seems like never ending hurt and pain.  Others may find jumping from job to job, state to state and country to country.

As you go through each of these experiences, you are learning, lessons along the way as they say.  With each experience your soul is getting closer and closer to being ready to meet up with its mate.

The key here is Patience and Signs…….Have faith in divine timing, knowing you will meet them at the very right time, both for you and them.  Also, pay attention to the signs, where are you being led?


Yes there are lessons to be learned, but part of that is also letting go, as human beings we are renowned at holding on for way too long.  Being open to the new and reducing your fear around change is going to help you to learn the lessons you need to learn and leave the rest behind.

Imagine holding on and pulling at a rope that isn’t for you, it’s not budging and all that holding on does is hurt you. Where as letting go and releasing the rope will provide you with ease and relief.

Do you believe that Soulmates are only Intimate Partners?

Yes, I did too at first until I felt a real connection with a friend, something that I had never felt before, or as my ego would let me believe (topic for another time).  It was a real deep sense of connection, I would know what she was thinking and feeling, without being anywhere near her.  We could go years without actual contact and still keep that strong connection, there is like an underlying current between us that always brings us back to each other in times of need.


I asked the question to my spiritual guides “can someone other than my husband, be my soulmate?”  The answer I got back, surprised me, it was a resounding YES and we don’t have only one soulmate.

So there you go, if you have been searching for your soulmate as an intimate partner, you may be looking in all the wrong places and they may already be in your life.  Is there someone in your life that could be your soulmate?

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Honour Your Sensitivity

Have you ever been told “you are just too sensitive”?


Yes, me too.  I have been told this a number of times, usually by those closest to me.  This for a very long time caused me to feel really bad about myself and like there was something very wrong.

On my journey of getting to know the true me, I have learned that actually my sensitivity is my strength.  I was given this gift for a reason and it is my responsibility and purpose to share it with the world.


What is Sensitivity?

Sensitivity is feeling everything at a very deep level, it is not something you have a choice in and at times you may have no idea why you are even feeling emotional.  Another way to describe sensitivity is caring about others very deeply,  have you found yourself crying or feeling really emotional and attached to people on TV?

Yes, me too.  I have got to the point now where I don’t watch the news because it is just too overwhelming and overloads my system.  Sound familiar?

So, you know that you are a sensitive soul, what now?  It is extremely important that you protect yourself, as a sensitive soul you will pick up on other people’s feelings even if they themselves are not aware of them.

I am going to share some simple exercises with you to protect your energy and minimise your system being overloaded.

  1. Surround yourself in white light
    Imagine you are inside of a white bubble, that covers you all the way from your head right down to your feet, ensuring it goes underneath your feet as well.  As you imagine this bubble it is important to ensure you have the intention of deflecting negative emotions whilst still allowing in guidance and abundance.
  2. Body Scan
    Before going out anywhere, do a body scan.  This involves closing your eyes and just scanning your body, noticing any tightness or aches and pains.  What this does is helps you to distinguish between your own body feels and those that are coming from another person.  If you notice body feels that are not yours, you can simply ask your angels to remove this from you as it doesn’t belong to you, it is not yours to carry.
  3. Boundaries
    As a sensitive soul it is paramount that you have boundaries and adhere to them with each and every person you interact with, I don’t care if they are a stranger or your family and closest friends.  To be honest with you it is the ones closest to us that are the biggest offenders of stepping over the line.   Lay out your boundaries and they are non-negotiable, as you treat yourself in a caring and loving way, so will others.

Your Sensitivity is your Strength

Now you have a good understanding of what sensitivity is and how to recognise it within yourself and how to protect this vulnerability.  Now it is time to understand that this is a gift, being sensitive is not a negative trait, if only there were more sensitive souls the world would be a very different place.

Caring deeply for others is not a bad thing as long as you protect yourself.  Staying grounded and recognising what you are picking up on, will make a huge difference in how you view your sensitivity.  There are always going to be people that will step over your boundaries and try to take advantage of this sensitivity and this is where your protection needs to kick in big time.

Using these techniques is going to ensure that your sensitivity is a strength and something you can use to your advantage in being able to help others and serve the world as a light worker.   There is already too much darkness in our world, your light is needed.

A fun way to deal with the negative nellies who say “You are just too sensitive”

I have had a lot of these in my life, so I know exactly how you are feeling when experiencing this statement.  I love to say “really wow thank you so much, what a beautiful compliment.”   It will put them on the back foot real quick and chances of them saying it again is very minimal.

I no longer want you to feel bad about yourself or feel like your sensitivity is a negative trait.  You are a beautiful strong sensitive soul that is needed in the world – Shine Your Light Baby!


Are you finding it hard to set your boundaries and deal with being a sensitive soul?

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Nicole Ivens | Empath Counsellor