Feeling down and out

An Elixir to Feeling Down and Out

There are days where you wake up and your energy levels feel non-existent and you are scraping the bottom of the barrel.  You may have thoughts of “I don’t know how I am going to get through today”. Firstly I want to validate that feeling for you and to tell

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have you fallen off the healing wagon

Have you Fallen off the Healing Wagon?

🙋‍♀️ Raise your hand if your answer was yes!  Definitely raising my hand here, more than once.  What if I told you the falling off the wagon is part of the journey, part of your healing journey? That would all of a sudden feel better, you would not be so

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How to cleanse your oracle cards

How to Cleanse your Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are a great tool to support you in connecting with your angels and guides.  As I shared in my previous article “how to connect with your oracle cards” they are a companion on your spiritual journey. As they are your companion they also need support from you too

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Oracle cards

How to Connect with your Oracle Cards

Did you know your oracle cards have an energy? A question I get asked regularly is “how do I use my oracle cards?” What I always say is, “first you need to learn how to connect with your oracle cards”. The fact that you are reading this article tells me

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Is it anxiety?

Is it Anxiety?

Anxiety is a very common experience for so many people nowadays, I remember when I was a child and experiencing what we now call ‘anxiety’ it was labelled as “weird”.  My poor parents had no idea what it was I was experiencing or why, as 1 of 5 children and

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How to find balance

How to Find Balance that Includes You Too

I received guidance this week in meditation that followed on from the guidance we received for ‘Mystical Monday’ and that was how you can find balance that doesn’t mean you are left out. As such a caring soul there have been many times where you have put yourself last and

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what is micro self-care

What is Micro Self-Care?

Self-care is always a hot topic especially in the wellness space and as a counsellor and energy practitioner in this space, it is my responsibility to also be honest with you about what is possible on a day-to-day basis. Self-care is something that each and every person needs, for their

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Energy for May 2022

Ep115 Energy Reading for May 2022

The phrase I am being given for the energy for May 2022 is ‘fly free’.  The feeling I am getting for the energy of may is like the shackles of April have been released. Did April feel like that for you, like something was holding you back? This month’s energy

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