Taking up space at the front of the line

Taking up space at the front of the line

When you set a boundary they will push back.
As a highly sensitive soul you have probably allowed people to take too much, to demand too much and just be too much.  I have too!
Recently I have had to put boundaries in place with my girls both for my sake and theirs.
There has definitely been push back and understandably so, they have got used to things a certain way, me a certain way.
It will take time for them to adjust to the changes in me and the space I’m now taking up in the room.
The old me would fold, the people pleaser would never want to upset, cause pain, discomfort or be an inconvenience.
It’s certainly been the easier choice, but not the best choice for either of us.

So as I stood here in front of the ocean feeling the power of Mother Earth beneath my bare feet I was reminded of my power:

To hold space
To own space
To deserve space

I don’t need to feel shame, guilt or selfishness. I am allowed to put my needs first and have them met.
Holding boundaries isn’t easy so I wanted to share my experience with you, so you know you are not alone and you too have the power of Mother Earth within you


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