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  1. The Basics: What is EFT?
  2. Quick Guide to EFT Tapping
  3. Tapping Worksheets
  4. Script: Tapping for Worrying
  5. Script: Tapping for Overwhelm
  6. Script: Tapping for Self-Sabotage
  7. What each Tapping Point Means

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Ready to Elevate your experience with EFT Tapping...

I have something extra I would like to share with you…

There is always one area of life that many clients and students ask me about, can you guess what it is?

You got it “MONEY”, can I use tapping to bring in more money and abundance?

My answer is always yes….

Money is an energy, so of course EFT Tapping can help you with that.

I have a mini course “Tapping into your money story” , with just one class “there is never enough money”.

It is only $11 and I encourage you to enrol today and get started in uncovering what is holding you back from increased money and abundance.

This is a great way to tip your toe in to both my world and the world of EFT Tapping with me as your guide.