How to Help Your Emotions Flow

The Emotional River, a flow within you...

Your emotions are very much like a river flowing, their job is to flow through you and just like in a river when there is an obstacle they will try to go around but when they can’t they will build up.

This build up can then feel for you like you are drowning under the weight of your emotions, like a river that overflows and the riverbanks start to give way.

The riverbank giving way within you can look and feel like, overwhelm, high stress levels and debilitating anxiety.

Unlike the river you can stand up and what felt like you were drowning will now feel manageable, water that you are now just wading in.

Standing up can come in a number of different ways, the first step is to make a decision to no longer drown under the weight of your emotions.

Once you make that decision which is essentially you standing up in the river, choosing to no longer be swallowed up, you are now ready to do the inner work.

The inner work also comes in many different shapes and forms, so I am going to share some strategies with you and then you can try them out and choose which feels right for you.

  • Journaling – clearing your mind and putting it down onto paper, allowing you to feel clearer and see the truth of your thoughts
  • EFT – Tapping is a wonderful way to clear energy blockages, limiting beliefs and intrusive thoughts and emotions.
  • Meditation – Just 5-10 mins a day will allow you to sit in the quiet, spending time with your breath and blocking out the noisy outside world
  • Commune with Nature – spend time outside in nature barefoot, allowing mother nature to show you her love and support


They are just a few ways for you to start to spend more time on your inner self and finding the answers you have been searching for.

Remember whilst sometimes your emotions feel like they are drowning you, they are not trying to hurt you, they are your friend not your enemy.  Giving them the space to move through will allow you to feel lighter in mind, body and spirit.

How you can work with me privately:

“I am a Holistic Counsellor and Accredited & Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner based in Pimpama.

My approach is to bridge traditional and alternative therapies, my experience has shown me that being a bridge between the two worlds and combining talk therapy with EFT Tapping is very effective.

You don’t have to wait till all the wheels fall off to ask for help, I have noticed with some of my clients that this is where they have to get to before they will reach out.

My role is to provide a safe space for you to express how you are feeling, knowing I will hear you; I will understand you and I will validate how you are feeling.

I help you to find what is causing you to feel the way you do and using EFT to help heal the underlying cause.”

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