The Energy of 2020

Your Year Ahead With The Angels | The Energy of 2020


The Energy of 2020

The overarching theme for the year ahead is all about “hindsight & clear vision” and the angels are asking you to connect in with them and trust in your intuition more than you ever have before.  This is going to set you up for a great year full of balance, self-love and growth.

The energy of 2020

Your Guidance Revealed



Energy January 2020 with Nicole IvensBALANCE – “I seek and maintain healthy balance in my life”

This month is a time of coming back into balance and adjusting to the new energy of a new year and a new decade, giving yourself time to release the energy of 2019 and coming back into equilibrium.  The new year can sometimes feel like all you have wished for should be appearing and as each day passes and you are not seeing what you want on your time table, then wistfulness can start to enter your energy field.

You are being guided to just breathe, allow the old energy to leave and for you to get used to the new energy of 2020.



Energy February 2020 with Nicole Ivens

NOURISHMENT – “I choose to nourish myself”

Are you open?  Open to receiving all the nourishment in mind, body and soul.  As on the card the angels are showing me a vision of you standing with your arms open ready to receive and highlighting the importance of being open.  Experiences through life can cause us to shut off that valve of receiving but your guidance is now is the time to be open, to allow what needs to come and also allow what needs to release.

Nourishment comes in all shapes and forms and sometimes that can be letting go as opposed to allowing in, as you let go of what is no longer for you, you are nourishing your soul and allowing her to be who she is truly meant to be.



Energy March 2020 with Nicole Ivens

GRATITUDE – “I joyfully turn my attention to what I am grateful for”

The energy of this month is to turn your attention to the gifts in and around you, the angels are guiding you may be experiencing times of loss and lack, feeling like others have more than you do.  It is in these times that Gratitude is of the utmost importance, for you to look around you and within you and see all that you have and all that you are.

Shifting your perspective from them and you, to us, to the collective and seeing evidence of what is possible for you.  Jealousy and Envy are energy wasters and bring you no joy, instead flip the script and look to what is possible for you.  If another soul has what you feel you want, then you can have it to, we are all deserving and capable of attracting exactly what our soul desires.



Energy April 2020 with Nicole IvensPLEASURE – “I open myself to the pleasures of life”

This month is about JOY, what activities allow you to feel alive and give you that feeling of lightness and exhilaration.  Sometimes life can get away from us and we spend most of our time on the serious side of life and forget to stop and smell the roses and have some joyful fun.

The angels are guiding for you to pull your energy back, right now it is spread way too thin, on so many different projects and dare I say so many people.  It’s time to call back all of your energy – Re-fuel, Re-energise and Re-coup!

As you can see in the image on the card, light is just beaming from her, now that only happens when she is feeling joyful, light and energetic.  Pull back all of your energy, so you too can feel this immense sense of lightness.



Energy May 2020 with Nicole Ivens PURITY – “I know why I do what I do”

It’s a time of blocking out your outer world, quietening the noise and all that has the ability to distract you and keep you off your true path.  In our world it can be so easy to follow the herd, do what everyone else is doing, but this is a true way to lose yourself.

As you can see the image on the card, she has her eyes covered, hiding her physical sight, she is turning inside to where all the true answers and true peace resides.  The angels are guiding you to do the same and showing me a vision of a race horse with its blinkers on, so as not to be startled by anything or anyone around them.



Energy June 2020 with Nicole Ivens EXTREMES – “I handle extremes with grace, yet I seek balance in all things”

The angels are asking me to say “It is hot out there, but cool in here”, as you look at the image on the card you can see what looks like a fire outside the window, yet inside is a place of warmth & safety.  The energy for this month is a reminder that you can handle anything, as long as you listen and pay attention to the signs and guidance provided to you.

This is confirming my overall guidance for 2020 that it is a year of hindsight, connecting with your angels and heeding their guidance and warnings is paramount.  Extremes happen on both ends of the scale, it is your role to hang out in the middle ensuring you have, feel and embrace a sense of balance.



Energy July 2020 with Nicole Ivens THE PATH – “I am open and responsive to the opening of the way”

As you continue to listen to your intuition, the way is going to open and be very clear for you.  The angels are guiding the way will be so clear, you really won’t be able to miss it.  They know in recent times you may have felt confusion and really had no clue, whether to go left, right, upwards or backwards, but this time is very different, they are holding up a very big neon sign that one is like a big arrow guiding you but also says “YOU WILL KNOW”.

Just like on the card, with the ladder leading to the opening, your way is going to be just as clear.  You don’t need to worry that you will miss it, as that is just not possible.  Your angels know you so well, that they know exactly how to get your attention.



Energy August 2020 with Nicole Ivens PEACE – “I choose to create and hold peace, I allow this to ripple out into the world”

This month is bringing you an energy of peace, calmness and serenity like you have never felt before, no matter how hard you try to escape it, this feeling is going to follow you in everything you do.  I know you are probably thinking why oh why would I try to escape a sense of peace, well as humans we tend to try to outrun anything that feels different or weird to us and yes this feeling of serenity is going to feel very different.

The angels are guiding you to just embrace it, feel it, experience it and breathe it in.  They are showing me a vision of you taking in this huge gulp of air and this peace, calmness and serenity filling up every cell of your being.  Soak it up!



Energy September 2020 with Nicole Ivens THE MASCULINE – “May the positive attributes of the masculine align with me”

This month is going to bring the energy of the masculine, this can feel very different to the feminine energy that you embody, this is coming to bring in a sense of balance.  Within each of us we have a masculine and feminine energy and sometimes that can be out of balance, the angels are guiding now is a time to be more balanced between your masculine and feminine energy.

They are asking me to share with you an easy morning exercise to balance out your energies (which I have shared on the video below – so check it out), its called the wonder woman stance which helps to increase your testosterone levels which essentially gets you out of your head and taking inspired action in your life.



Energy October 2020 with Nicole Ivens SELF-LOVE – “Everyday I bring radical self-love to body, mind and spirit”

This month’s energy is asking you to turn that loving gaze within and see where you have been neglecting yourself, putting others needs ahead of your own and saying yes where you should of been saying no.  Remembering when you say yes to others you are saying no to yourself.

The angels are guiding it is as simple as showering yourself in a nurturing energy, giving yourself a little longer in your morning or night routine.  Using the good moisturising cream (you know that one you are saving), break it out and feel the loving energy that this brings to your physical body.  However it looks for you, break out the good stuff, maybe its the good crockery that makes you feel special when you use it.  The time is now!



Energy November 2020 with Nicole Ivens CREATION – “I am a mighty creator it is my birthright to create”

This month’s energy is bringing you a reminder that you are a very important part of our universe, just like on the card if you look closely it is like a puzzle and you beautiful soul are an integral piece.  You have creations within you, that only you can create, just like a jigsaw puzzle no two pieces are alike, they each have a place within the puzzle, as do you.

For each of us we have our own creation and that can come in all different forms and no it doesn’t mean it has to be in the Arts (like painting, drawing, dancing etc) and the magic is, you are the only one that knows what it is and can bring it to life.  So what that means is, no you are not out of time, no you are not too old and no it will not pass you by.

Your angels just want to remind you that it is your birthright to create and you have everything you need to bring your creation to life, what ever form that happens to be.



Energy December 2020 with Nicole Ivens GROWTH – “I choose growth”

What a beautiful energy to finish out 2020 with, GROWTH and I know you have had plenty of that this year, I have a few little birdies aka Angels that are telling me this is going to be a real year of GROWTH for you.   Now growth can come in so many different ways, that for each of you it will look different, but one thing will be the same for each one of you and that is, it all begins within you.

Nothing will ever appear in your external life, that didn’t first start as a little seed in your internal world, so your big message and guidance here is you need to give yourself time to grow.  Take time to do the inner work and you will then see it reflected outside of you.


What a beautiful year we have ahead of us, one of balance, self-love and growth.  


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