The Great Preemptive

The great preemptive

As a highly sensitive soul and anxious earthly being I find myself in this space a lot, always needing to preempt what might happen both within me and around me and in my children’s lives too. It is so exhausting always sitting like a lioness looking for danger and ready to pounce.

As I sit here looking out to the ocean connecting with my spirit guides they show me the strength and power of my girls.  This teaches me to stand down, to feel reassured in their ability to cope with anything that comes their way just as I have done time and time again.

They have had the best teacher in me, seeing me come up against adversity so many times, seeing me fall and seeing me rise again. What better teaching could they of had in strength and resiliency and the power of resting, recovering and rejuvenating after battle.

So I don’t need to preempt as they have that part of me in them and I can trust in that power.  Giving them the gift of independence and knowing what they are capable of and that I will always have their back and soft place to fall.

It’s a great lesson in my own life I too was shown and taught by my own mums strength and resilience.

“Strong Women Raise Strong Women”

I know I also don’t need to preempt anything because I also have that part in me to fall and rise, just like the rhythm of my breath and the waves in the ocean.

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