The Nurturing Haven

A Sanctuary for Empaths and Sensitive Souls to start to understand, explore and embrace their many gifts.

This expression of Nicole’s soul purpose of “The Nurturer” came about as she saw so many of her clients feeling isolated, feeling different and just wanting to belong.

The Nurturing Haven is more than one thing, it is made up of many things that Nicole noticed was needed by her private clients.

It will continue to evolve over time and the starting point is where Nicole was intuitively guided but also through her own experience and those of her clients.

Nurturing You

Something that really stood out for her and a common denominator across her experiences both personally and interactions with her clients and community was always putting other people first.

As you have been brought here we know you understand that on a very deep level and that is where “Nurturing You” was born.  For you to continue to serve and support others, you too need to be served and supported.

“Nurturing You” is a monthly commitment to you, a reminder that you too deserve to be taken care of.  Each month you are going to receive a beautifully designed and intuitively curated box of products to support you.

Each box will include 8 products to both remind you and support you in taking care of the most important person, YOU!

In addition you will also have access to our online portal where Nicole will share with you a beautiful meditation every month.

An example of what you can expect to receive each month:

  • Handmade Soy Candle
  • Mini Journal
  • Grounding/Earthing Schedule
  • Essential Oil Roller Bottle
  • Crystal of the Month
  • Sage Wand
  • Chakra Affirmation Card of the Month
  • Energy Reading of the Month

As each box is intuitively designed and curated by Nicole, products will change month to month.

Nicole will always be providing you with the products, support and guidance that you need to support you in Nurturing You.

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