The Voice of your Anxiety

Anxiety is very prevalent in today’s society, from kids right through to elderly adults.

Different times of life can bring on more anxiety than others, and is very good at stealing away your joy and happiness.

Anxiety can be a very good teacher, letting you know when there is something wrong, and guiding you to make changes. 

It may be the path you are heading down is not the best one for you, or that past experiences need healing and it is using physical symptoms to gain your attention.

Have you ever noticed in the past, that your anxiety stopped you from doing something, that turned out to be in your best interest?

I started suffering from anxiety at a very young age, and it was at its worst when I left school at age 17, when panic attacks started. 

I continued to suffer from these panic attacks for 10 years, every time I would take a leap of faith, and commence a new job the panic attacks would put a stop to it.

At the time it was not as well known or recognised as it is today, so I felt there was something wrong with me, and my poor parents had no idea what to do for me. 

As I look back on it now, my anxiety and panic attacks were always trying to tell me something, either it was the wrong job for me, or there was healing needed on past experiences.

I can happily say that I haven’t suffered from any panic attacks for over 8 years, since I started to listen to my symptoms instead of running away from them. 

Below I am going to share with you ways in which you can do the same…

Break-Free from your Anxiety by giving it a voice:

The voice of your anxiety

Have a dedicated notebook and call it "The voice of my Anxiety"...

When you are feeling anxious use this notebook to write down the answers to the following questions:

  • What are you trying to tell me?
  • What do I need to know right now?
  • Should I continue with this path or action?
  • How can I reduce my feelings of anxiety?

Using these important questions as you are experiencing anxiety symptoms can help to give your anxiety a voice and allowing you to start to gain an understanding of the purpose of it.

As you start to gain this important information you then have a great opportunity to start to heal the experiences that have caused your anxiety to cement itself in your life.

EFT/Tapping is a wonderful modality to allow you to release and heal past experiences where your symptoms are stemming from, to learn more click here.

Comment below and share your experience with anxiety.

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  1. Said I was going to chexl out this post before bed so I did. Loved it. Never really thought of how much of a better understanding one could have if you take the time to listen to your anxiety and give it a voice. Great blog!
    – Wendalyne

    1. Hi Wendy, so pleased to hear you enjoyed my blog and love that you now have a new perspective on your anxiety. Nicole

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