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Step 2 – Give Your Desire Attention

So you know what you want and now you are ready to learn how you go about getting it, surely it’s not as easy as asking for it and it arriving?  Well Yes and No.

Step 2 is all about finding ways to give attention to your desire in a way that feels good to you, now that won’t be the same for everyone.  Each and every one of us is different in how we communicate and experience the world around us, so it is important to do things in your own way.

I would like you to meet “Vibrational Victor”


Vibrational Victor has a bubble around him and all he says, thinks and does is included within his bubble and this bubble is where the Law of Attraction checks in and matches or reflects more of in his life.  Victor can’t leave his bubble anywhere, it is always with him, no matter where he is.

So, Victor makes sure he is always including great things in to his bubble, to ensure that is what the Law of Attraction is creating and providing within his life.

Wouldn’t you love to have a vibrational bubble just like Victor, to be able to include in it all the great things you would love to see reflected in your life?

I know you just “Yes, yes I do”.  Well, I have some great news for you, you already have your very own bubble.  Each one of us has our own vibrational bubble that is with us always, so everything we think, do or say is included within our vibrational bubble and then Law of Attraction is checking in and reflecting back all that to you.

As I talked to you about in my previous blog “Identify your Desire” your vibration or vibes are extremely important and you get to choose whether you are sending out a negative vibe or a positive vibe.

You always get to choose and you can only be sending out one vibration at a time, whether that is positive or negative.  Remembering its not about what you are saying but how you feel about what you are saying that is the key.


Now, that you are starting to understand that whatever you include in your vibrational bubble is what Law of Attraction is responding to, you can start to change what you include.  To do this it is important to focus on the things that you do want, like I have spoken about earlier in “The Universe is a Mirror”.

Remembering by using the words “Don’t, Not and No” you are still including the things you don’t want in your vibrational bubble and then what happens, Law of Attraction responds by giving you more of the same.


To include your desire in your vibrational bubble you can do the following things:


  • Talk about your desire
  • Daydream about your desire
  • Do a vision board
  • Remember an abundant time
  • Celebrate evidence of your desire
  • Imagine how you will feel
  • Write about your desire

Making sure whatever it is that you choose to do to include your desire within your vibrational bubble, is something that feels good for you.  There is no point in doing a vision board, if it feels like a tedious task to you, as that will only have the opposite effect.

Another important point is, before talking to others about your desire, ensure they are someone that you can trust and are on the same vibrational wavelength as you.  If you choose to talk to someone about your desire, who doesn’t believe in what you are doing that will end in lowering your vibration and taking away from what you are trying to achieve.

Step 2 can be a whole lot of fun if you let it, have fun and dream big.

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