What Causes a Spiritual Awakening?

What Causes a Spiritual Awakening?

A Spiritual Awakening is a very personal experience, although there are some common elements that each soul experiences here on the Earthly plane.

A theme I have noticed both in my own personal experience but also what I have witnessed in my client work is:

"Enough is Enough"

We get to a point with our Earthly existence that we just feel that enough is enough and can no longer continue doing the same things in the same way.

Each of us may come to this in a different way, but the outcome is the same.

We look at our existence and our experience here on the Earthly plane and think to ourselves ‘surely this isn’t it?’

And that right there is the beginning of your awakening….

Did you know each soul experiences Amnesia at birth?

As we come into the Earthly plane all of our previous lives experience are hidden, we don’t remember all the things we learned in previous life times. 

It gives us a blank slate, a chance for our soul to learn its life lessons this time around without the influence of our past lives.

However, it doesn’t last for our full lifetime.  Over time we start to remember things, have you ever said or thought ‘that resonates with me?’.

That is your soul remembering something you already knew from a previous lifetime experience.

When do you start to remember?

In my personal experience and that I have witnessed with my clients, it tends to start to emerge in late 30’s and early 40’s.  Of course this isn’t set in stone, just a pattern I have noticed both personally and professionally.

Can you avoid remembering a spiritual awakening?

Of course you can, this is your lifetime here on the Earthly plane and your soul chose to come here for reasons unbeknownst to you right now.

But you have freewill and you can make choices for what it is you want to do or not do in this lifetime.

It is the same reason your spirit guides and angels can’t interfere without your permission, you have freewill.

I say it is your choice to heal and work on the things you have experienced or to not, the choice is 100% yours.

What does a spiritual awakening feel like?

In the beginning a spiritual awakening feels like someone just lifted the veil off your eyes and you can finally see.  Only downside once you see something you can’t unsee it, once you know something this lifetime you can’t unknow it for this lifetime.

It feels like change is upon you, things will no longer be what they were, because you will no longer be who you were.

Do you only experience one Spiritual Awakening?

Yes and No.  Once you start to spiritually awaken it is ongoing, so is it a one off?  No. 

Do you experience different spiritual awakenings?  Yes and No.

All of your little spiritual awakenings are a part of your one spiritual awakening, each awakening is an elevation for your soul.

Each one will feel different, as you elevate to a higher level, you will experience different things and different symptoms.

What are the symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening?

There are a range of different symptoms that you may experience as part of your spiritual awakening, here are some of the most common ones:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Heavy energy
  • Listlessness
  • Heightened Emotions
  • Crying
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Lethargy
  • Exhaustion
  • Heightened Sensitivity to your surroundings
  • Reduced ability to endure things that you no longer feel connected to
  • Craving more alone time


Whilst these probably don’t sound like a whole lot of fun or even something you want to embark on.  They are each part of your elevation as a soul and bringing you closer and closer to your true self.

How you can support yourself through the symptoms of your spiritual awakening

With each part of your spiritual awakening it is important that you take care of yourself in mind, body and soul.

Here are some ways you can do just that:

  • Show yourself compassion
  • Give yourself extra time to rest
  • Journal about your experience, allowing the page infront of you to be of support and insight.  A journal just for your spiritual awakenings can be very helpful, something to look back over and the changes you have experienced.
  • Utilise EFT Tapping when you are experiencing heightened emotions
  • Remind yourself this is all part of your souls evolution process and you will come out the otherside feeling more energised and insightful
  • Go on nature walks, mother nature is there to support you through your souls elevation
  • Remember you are not alone, this is a very normal part of your experience as an enlightened soul
  • Reach out to your spirit guides and angels to support you through the process
  • Reach out to trusted friends and family
  • Ask for help from a professional therapist that is spiritually aligned
  • Keep your thoughts at bay and don’t allow them to take you to a dark place about your symptoms, some symptoms from a spiritual awakening can show up as physical illnesses.  This is all part of your body upgrading as part of the process


**Of course reach out to your medical doctor if you are feeling unwell, to make sure all is well.

I trust this article has supported you to understand the aspects of a spiritual awakening.  I was originally going to share with you my spiritual awakening but this is where spirit wanted me to go with this article, so I trust this is what you needed in this moment.

How you can work with me privately:

“I am a Professional Counsellor and Accredited & Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner based in Pimpama, Gold Coast, Australia.

My approach is to bridge traditional and alternative therapies, my experience has shown me that being a bridge between the two worlds and combining talk therapy with EFT Tapping is very effective.

You don’t have to wait till all the wheels fall off to ask for help, I have noticed with some of my clients that this is where they have to get to before they will reach out.

My role is to provide a safe space for you to express how you are feeling, knowing I will hear you; I will understand you and I will validate how you are feeling.

I help you to find what is causing you to feel the way you do and using EFT to help heal the underlying cause.”

Sessions available in person on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and online worldwide.

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