What Causes the Symptoms of Empathy Burnout?

The symptoms of empathy burnout are far reaching and extensive in the way they show up in your life.

In the many hours of client work I have done over the past 7 years, there is one thing, that shows up over and over again.

It doesn’t matter who the person is, their past experiences or the current reasons for experiencing symptoms of empathy burnout.

That is the underyling cause of empathy burnout…


A lowering of inner capacity...

You have no space left within you for anything or anyone…

This tends to show up as the inability to do even the smallest of tasks.

You may find yourself been triggered so very easily, by things and people that don’t usually set you off.

Finding yourself feeling very annoyed and impatient, when you are usually the most patient person in the world.

These are all signalling to you, that you have taken on too much…

Filled yourself up to the brink and what is overflowing, is unprocessed moments and emotions.

Instead of having your cup overflowing with joy, love and energy…

It is overflowing with overwhelm, exhaustion, chronic stress and anxiety…

You have become a lifeline for other people, and so busy doing that, you haven’t realised that your energy cord has become unplugged..

What happens when a charging cord is unplugged?

Your battery (energy) is depleted and in steps empathy burnout, it can feel like an onslaught on something that you hold very dear…

Your deeply caring and empathic heart…

A realisation happens and you start to understand that although you have a natural ability of deep empathy, it needs to be honoured and cared for too.

You learn you have finite energy source and it needs to be utilised for yourself first…

Saying to yourself, ‘I guess I am not like the energizer bunny after all’.

The symptoms of empathy burnout have a cause and an effect...

Understanding what your cause of the symptoms of empathy burnout, provides you with insight on what needs to change, negating the effect of your deep empathy on your wellbeing.

Being deeply feeling doesn’t automatically cause empathy burnout, but it is something you can be prone to…

Making your wellbeing a priority ensures you can continue to be a lifeline for others but without unplugging your own power.

To learn more about empathy burnout, I invite you to check out my article:

“What is Empathy Burnout?”

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As a highly sensitive woman and/or empath it is important for you to feel supported and learn more and understand more about your unique gift.

I am passionate about supporting you to move through empathy burnout and thrive as the deeply empathic woman you are.

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