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Introduction to EFT Tapping

EFT = Emotional Freedom Techniques and is also referred to as Tapping, as we tap on the face and upper body. 

Tapping allows you to process your emotions, and release any energy that has become stuck and stagnant.

The way I like to explain it is…

Freedom from past emotions that for one reason or another you have been unable to process. 

EFT Tapping Tutorial with Nicole

Watch me live in action, as I take you through an EFT Tapping Tutorial, showing you the eight tapping points and the benefits of using EFT in your life. 

I also answer some popular questions about Emotional Freedom Techniques, such as:

  1. Why do you focus on the negative
  2. Can Tapping be used for physical pain
  3. What other areas can EFT help and support
  4. Is it self-applied or do I need to work with a practitioner
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EFT Tapping gives you an effective way to allow your energy to flow...

Download Your Free EFT Tapping Guide

EFT Tapping Guide

A pocket guide to tapping on the go and three tapping scripts

  1. Tapping for Worry
  2. Tapping for Overwhelm
  3. Tapping for Self-Sabotage

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Client Experiences of EFT Tapping…

Nicole is demonstrating tapping on the side of her hand to help you with getting started with Holistic Counselling

Nicole has really helped me and my family with giving us the tools – EFT to manage stress, anxiety, relationships etc. Highly recommend as a practitioner and educator.

Nikol – Private Client

Nicole, I just wanted to say thank you, tapping is a great tool and has helped amazingly.

Paula – Private Client

Nicole has helped me so much especially in the last 2 weeks. With her support and EFT I have released alot of past emotions that were holding me back.

Its hard to believe something so easy can change your life but it does!

Jodee – Private Client

Why EFT Tapping?

The Benefits

Stress Reduction Technique

EFT Tapping is a stress reduction technique that can help to reduce your cortisol levels. (Stress hormone)

Calm Your Nervous System

Tapping works to calm your nervous system, bringing you out of your stress response.

Improved Physical Health

EFT has been shown to help in reducing important physical markers, such as blood pressure.

Supportive Self-Applied Technique

Tapping is self-applied, you don't need anything else but yourself. Giving you the tools to feel calm.

EFT Tapping is Evidence Based...

A Quick {5 min} Overview of the Science Behind Tapping

Created by EFT International mentors Craig Weiner and Alina Frank, which will teach you more about the Science behind tapping…

Tapping Points we Utilise in Clinical EFT

EFT Tapping Points

Clinical EFT is an Evidence Based Modality

EFT Tapping scientific evidence

These 8 tapping points have been scientifically proven to be the most effective in the use of EFT Tapping.

100+ peer reviewed scientific studies have been performed worldwide with Emotional Freedom Techniques in many different areas, ongoing research is showing us that Tapping lowers the stress hormone levels (cortisol) and so much more……

What each Tapping Point means...

The 8 Tapping points that we utilise in Clinical EFT Tapping are great ‘catch all’ points in the meridian energy system.

Each point is connected to a part of your body and responsible for certain emotional responses…

The list below gives you a good overall view on what each tapping point can help you with…

SH: Side Hand (Small Intestine Meridian)

Releases feeling stuck and promotes ease in moving forward, letting go, healing from grief, and ability to be happy in the present moment.

EB: Eyebrow (Bladder Meridian)

Releases trauma, hurt, and sadness and promotes peace and emotional healing.

SE: Side of the Eye (Gall Bladder Meridian)

Releases resentment and anger and promotes clarity and compassion.

UE: Under the Eye (Stomach Meridian)

Releases fear and anxiety and promotes contentment, calmness, and the feeling of safety.

UN: Under the Nose (Governing Vessel Meridian)

Releases shame and powerlessness and promotes self-acceptance, self-empowerment, and compassion for self and others.

CH: Chin/Under the Mouth (Central Meridian)

Releases confusion and uncertainty and promotes clarity, certainty, confidence, and self-acceptance.

CB: Collarbone (Kidney Meridian)

Releases the feeling of being stuck and promotes ease in moving forward, confidence, and clarity.

UA: Under the Arm (Spleen Meridian)

Releases guilt, worry, and obsessing and promotes clarity, confidence, relaxation, and compassion for self and others.

TH: Top of the Head (Crown Chakra)

This is not one particular point, rather its a collection of many meridian points. Tapping on the top of the head opens the crown chakra and promotes spiritual connection, while “anchoring in” the new balance and alignment from the completed tapping round.

EFT Tapping Points

Common EFT Tapping Questions...

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and also referred to as Tapping.

We tap on the face and upper body with two fingers.

Think of acupuncture without the needles.

EFT- Tapping helps you to release energetic imprint of past experiences.

Giving you the freedom to move forward without the weight of what you have experienced in your life.

A quote I love from Dr Joe Dispenza that sums it up perfectly:

“A Memory without the Emotional Charge is called Wisdom”

A saying I have become known for is:


If it evokes an emotion then you can use tapping…

Some examples:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Physical pain
  • Trauma
  • Grief
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Phobias
  • Goals
  • Affirmations
  • Energy boost

Big emotions

  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Overwhelm
  • Resentment
  • Shame
  • Embarrassment

My advice is always, tap and see how it feels…

I recommend tapping every day, making it into a daily habit.

The more you tap, the less you will have to tap on…

It helps to ensure you are consistently processing events and emotions as they happen.

I recommend daily tapping for small things that happen and leave big events and in particular trauma for your certified EFT practitioner.

When you are tapping without your certified EFT Practitioner, the words aren’t as important.

You will already be feeling the emotion (the reason for your tapping), so there is no need for words, just tap…

In session with your certified EFT Practitioner they use words to evoke the emotion to help you heal and release.

In EFT Tapping we tap on the negative first as it is important to honour your truth.

Allowing you to release the energy from trapped and unprocessed emotions.

As we clear the energy, then we turn to tapping on the positive.

Ignoring the truth and jumping to the positive first, is like using air freshner in a room full of rubbish, and leaving the rubbish in the room

The odour from the rubbish will return very quickly, where as if we remove the rubbish first and then use the air freshner, the room will stay nice and refreshed.

Tapping on the negative (truth of how you are feeling) first allows you to remove the ‘rubbish’ and then tap on how you want to feel (air freshner).

As you release the heavy emotions and burdens, you make space for what you want to feel and experience.

Absolutely!  There have been scientific evidence through trials of EFT Tapping both in person and online and the results are comparative.

In my client work I have found online actually works better than in person, as my clients are already feeling safe in their own comfort zone.

The beauty of EFT Tapping is that it is self-applied, so you can do self-tapping.

Daily tapping is a great habit to adopt.

I do recommend working with a Certified EFT Practitioner to learn EFT Tapping and for any deep traumatic events and experiences.

Regular sessions with a certified EFT Practitioner are very beneficial, as they will be able to provide support and safety for your nervous system.

When your nervous system feels safe it will allow you to heal more.

5-7 times at each tapping point

Client Experiences of EFT Tapping…

Photo of Nicole

Thank you Nicole, for our journey together, Ive done more healing in 14 months than I have from 35 years of traditional therapy, transforming my life. 

Donna – Private Client

Thank you for an amazing eft session Nicole, it has helped me feel so much better. 

Rachel – Private Client

Thank you so much for teaching me EFT Tapping, it helps so much with my anxiety and feelings of panic.

Isabella – Private Client

Meet Your Certified EFT Practitioner & Teacher...

Nicole Ivens | EFT Practitioner

Looks like EFT has found you, just like it found me…

It seems to have a way of doing that, finding you in the exact moment that you are looking for something to ease your pain…

Hi I’m Nicole Ivens!  Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner & Professional Holistic Counsellor.

When it found me, I was in the midst of a devastating diagnosis for our eldest daughter Gabby…

She was diagnosed with a life altering disorder ‘Epilepsy’…

It turned our life upside down and my emotional wellbeing got hit with what felt like a mack truck…

Then entered EFT Tapping, a modality I will say saved my life, in so many ways…

I was able to cope with the onslaught of emotions that comes with any traumatic event…

It is now my privilege to teach it to you…

Download Your Free EFT Tapping Guide

EFT Tapping Guide

A pocket guide to tapping on the go and three tapping scripts

  1. Tapping for Worry
  2. Tapping for Overwhelm
  3. Tapping for Self-Sabotage

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