What is Empathy Burnout?

"Empathy Burnout is when you have given so much of yourself to others, there is little or nothing left for you"

Sound familiar?  I bet it does or you wouldn’t be reading this article.

My intention for this article is to start the conversation around empathy burnout and in future articles I will dissect each stage to provide you with deeper understandings and learnings.

Being highly empathic does carry a lot of power even if you don’t realise it yet, as such a heavy burden of responsibility.

With that responsibility comes over-exerting yourself and leading to empathy burnout.

Empathy Burnout can be a never ending cycle where you can feel trapped, experiencing symptoms such as:

Anxiety, chronic stress, overwhelm, exhaustion, confusion, worthlessness, self-doubt, disconnection, and emotional pain.

Have a look at the Empathy Burnout Cycle below and see if it feels similar to your experiences.

Stage 1: Running at 100% feeling vibrant

Stage 2: Running at 75% starting to notice a decline

Stage 3: Running at 50% and your energy is feeling depleted.

Stage 4: Running at 25% and in desperate need of recharging.

It can feel like you are constantly running on a low battery, just like your devices don’t run as well on a low battery neither do you.

Just like your devices you were not made to be running with 100 apps/browsers open and looking for more to open and add to your plate.

Empathy Burnout Cycle

You don’t have to stay stuck within the Empathy Burnout Cycle, you can move through empathy burnout with some self-care strategies.

I will leave you with something to ponder….

It doesn't need to be YOU first, just YOU too...

How you can work with me privately:

I offer individual private holistic counselling and energy healing sessions online from the comfort of your home.  

A place for you to feel safe to start to uncover and heal parrs of you that are demanding attention.

As a highly sensitive soul you spend so much time caring for others and that leads to not much time for you, doesn’t it?

This can lead to what I have coined ‘Empathy Burnout’, you are at your maximum capacity to cope with life and all it throws at you.

As we work together I will support you to start to release and heal what is no longer serving you and opening up more capacity to allow you to continue to be the beautiful caring soul that you are.

If this resonates with you and you are feeling ready, click link below to get started.

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