Ask Your Angels: What Needs Nurturing Within Me?

Ask Your Angels

"What Needs Nurturing Within Me?"

In client sessions this week the theme has surrounded “Nurturing Yourself”, the importance of taking care of yourself instead of waiting for others to do it for you.

So this week, lets ask the question “What needs nurturing within me?”

Nurturing Yourself

Tune in to your Cosmic Team and Ask Your Angels what do I need?
Pick card 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Nurturing Yourself

Card 1:

Devotion – This guidance is all about having a regular routine, which is what devotion is, spending time on something that means something to you.  Your angels are guiding it is all about connection, connection to yourself, your soul and also to your higher power whatever that looks like for you. Connect to yourself, dropping down into your heart space and connecting to that light within you.   Knowing this space is where you will find all you need to know, the guidance that is specific to you and no one else, a reminder that no one outside of you knows what is right for you, only you do.

Card 2:

Father – This guidance for you is all about balancing your masculine and feminine energies, not so much about your birth father or even God.  Its really important to have a balance between the soft feminine energy and powerful masculine energy, I am being shown that you have shut your heart off to the world, putting up a wall to protect yourself.  With what you have experienced this is completely natural, your angels are guiding it is time, time to soften, time to take down the wall bit by bit. 

Card 3:

Inner Child – This card says it all, your inner child needs nurturing, she is calling out for love, to be seen and nurtured.  In the video I talk about this in more detail, but it is important to tend to your inner child, allowing her to feel safe, seen and loved.  As a child we can experience situations that leave a mark, a mark that needs to be healed to ensure she doesn’t take the drivers seat and leading your life from a young age, instead of you taking the reigns.   This week you can nurture your inner child by sending her love and remembering she hears and observes everything, your thoughts and your words.

Card 4:

Joy – Your guidance is to bring more Joy into your daily experience, doing the things that light you up, the things that make you laugh.  As adults we can easily forget to do this, to allow Joy in, your angels are guiding you need to give yourself permission, permission to feel joyful, to do the the things that bring you joy and laughter.  It is also a great opportunity to feel expansion of Joy, as you do this it then gives you the capacity to deal with more difficult times in a more in depth and bigger way. 

I would love to hear how the guidance resonates for you right now, comment below.

P.S The beauty of these Ask Your Angels Episodes and the questions they pose is they are not time stamped.  When you are brought here is the perfect time for you.

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