Ask Your Angels: What Support do I Need?

Ask Your Angels

"What Support Do I Need?"

What it is you need in your life right now, what you need to call on to support you throughout the week.  Each person has different needs and its important to start to really understand yourself from a soul level, so you can adjust the actions that you take to support your unique energy.

Ask Your Angels

Tune in to your Cosmic Team and Ask Your Angels that burning question you have and Pick card 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Ask Your Angels

Card 1: Meditation Brings Answers ~ Your angels are saying this is going to frustrate you, as you really just want a yes or no answer to your question.  What they are guiding is, this is your answer, the answer to your question or the question you really need answered right now is ~ Quiet, Calm and Relaxation and once you have all these experiences your answers will then flow.

Card 2: Ask For Help From Others ~ I know you struggle with this, asking for help from others, as you are the person that everyone else relies on.  So you feel asking for help may be seen as a weakness, when in actual fact this action, for you especially takes great strength.  Your angels are also guiding its not just about asking for help here on the Earthly plane but also from the Spiritual Plane, so communicating with your angels and cosmic team and asking for their help.  If you don’t ask they can’t intervene.

Card 3: NO ~ Your Angels are guiding that right now is not a time of action, hang on they are correcting me, its not a time of external action, but a time of internal action.  What they mean by that is it is time to turn inside, take some time out, the first card is very suitable for you too.  Taking some time to meditate, however that looks for you and really start to find that place within you where its quiet and calm, where you are not being pulled in a million different directions, it is time just for you.

Card 4: No Need To Worry ~ Your angels are showing me that you are in your head way too much, overthinking every little thing – I get that – I do that too sometimes.  Its really important to recognise when you are doing this so you can release those pesky thoughts and bring yourself back to a place of calm and feel grounded.  Take a walk outside in nature and take some beautiful cleansing deep breaths.

I would love to hear how the guidance resonates for you right now, comment below.

P.S The beauty of these Ask Your Angels episodes and the questions they pose, they are not time stamped, so when you come across the question is the perfect time for you.

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