I Feel Honoured to Welcome You into my Sacred Space!

I believe wholeheartedly that “Everything Happens for a Reason”, so it’s no mistake that you are here in this very moment.

I provide Holistic Counselling services locally here on the Gold Coast, Australia and online Worldwide.  Holistic Counselling focuses on Mind, Body & Spirit, I believe each area needs to be tended to helping you to feel like yourself again.

To support you in finding your way and heading towards your North Star I use different modalities depending on what I feel is right for you, allowing me to provide you with a personalised and individualised service.

The main modality that I like to use as it works wonderfully in Mind, Body & Spirit is EFT ~ Emotional Freedom Techniques also known as Tapping.

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In my experience there are three important aspects that need to be present in any Sacred Space, they are:



The beginning of any healing starts with you feeling heard, knowing what you share will be reciprocated with understanding, respect and non-judgement.


It is important to feel held, meaning you feel safe to share the difficult moments you have experienced.  Knowing that you won’t fall, you will be held safe throughout the whole process.


The final aspect is to feel healed, allowing the dark places within you to have light shine in and through you and healing the hurt and pain you have experienced.  Knowing healing is possible and you are willing to let go of what no longer serves you. 

3-Part Signature Program I utilise to support you to explore what has been and open up space for what is yet to come.

Step 1

Re-Ignite Your Light

Step 2

Re-Align to your North Star

Step 3

Reclaim Your Inner Peace

As part of my Signature Program I will meet you where you are.

I know how hard it can be to reach out and ask for help, it can be a very scary and vulnerable time.  I just want you to know, there is no one you need to be, or any place you need to be at.  I will meet you exactly where you are. 

Experiences from my Clients & Students

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