Your Sensitivity is not a Weapon!

Have you ever felt like your sensitivity has been or continues to be used against you?

A common story that I hear from my sensitive clients is that they are continuously told “you are too sensitive” or “you are just overly emotional”, sound familiar?

Hearing this a lot myself it is now something I get very passionate about, and very protective over my sensitive souls.

As the title says your sensitivity is not a weapon that can be used against you.

your sensitivity is not a weapon

The reason your sensitivity may have been used as a weapon against you is because it is something you feel is a flaw instead of an asset.  Being sensitive sure can feel like a flaw or a burden at times, but it is also an amazing gift that allows you to feel so connected to yourself and the world around you.

A question I ask my clients and I always get a resounding NO is “if I could take away your sensitivity, would you like me to?”

It doesn’t take away from the challenges of being a highly sensitive soul, but the alternative of not feeling the deep connection to all around and within you, just isn’t something they are willing to bargain for.

Let’s unpack the idea of your sensitivity being used as a weapon, what is that about?

The definition of ‘weapon’ is: “a means of gaining an advantage or defending oneself” so what is it about your sensitivity that needs to be turned into a weapon?

In my experience my sensitive nature has been used against me as a weapon because it wasn’t understood, as it felt like I was doing or being something they didn’t understand they needed to belittle it, so I would stop doing it.

Why would they want me to stop doing it?  Isn’t being sensitive an asset, I would ask myself.

The answer was because 1. they didn’t understand it 2. they were scared of it 3. not liking that I might feel something about them they don’t want to reveal.

I remember a neighbour of my mums meeting me and then saying to my mum, “I guess I better tell you the truth about my age, as your daughter will already know.”

I didn’t know of course but that just shows one example of not understanding what my gift of sensitivity actually is, I probably could of tuned in and asked my guides but again each person has free will and I can’t just access information like that.

So as you can see it isn’t that your sensitivity is a bad thing, it is your super power, it is just that it is not understood and it can scare some people.

What I want you to know is that your sensitivity is your super power, it is your gift and it is time for you to hone it to work for you instead of against you.

The more you heal the less wounds that are available to be used against you, a healed highly sensitive soul, is an absolute power house.  You my lovely have that capability within you too.  Say it with me:



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